Better Digital Photos – Tips and Tricks

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So you want to take better digital pictures. You’ve been watching technology shows on your Direct TV and you’ve even asked a professional but hey, are you sure you’re not over-thinking it? We’ve got some foolproof tips for taking better digital shots that don’t require additional equipment.
Don’t Center Everything – The hallmark of a good photographer is one who takes advantage of negative space. There’s a fine line between being too far away from your subject and too close but if you move them slightly to one side or another viola! Instant perspective.
Play With Light – One of the easiest tricks in the book is to play with light. If you think it’s too dark it’s probably just right so consider trying to time your photos around when the sun starts to set. Shadows are darker and you won’t have to use the flash, which is key.
Take More Candids – Just snap pictures. All the time, wherever you are, and don’t tell people. The more candid shots you take the better you’ll learn to make a shot out of nothing and that’s what brings forth the coolest shots anyway.

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